Medication Management

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For many conditions, psychotherapy is often combined with medication for the most effective treatment. When a psychologist determines that a patient he or she is working with would be helped by a medication, they will refer the patient for a medication evaluation. In the initial consultation, the use of the medication is thoroughly discussed as are its benefits and risks. Potential side effects are always considered, as they can sometimes be disruptive to normal activities, possibly causing fatigue, hunger and changes in your responsiveness to your surroundings. Medical history, family history and information about allergies are also considered before prescribing, as are any other medications, supplements or herbal remedies being taken.

Once you are prescribed a medication, you will need to see your doctor regularly to ensure that it is working properly for you and to adjust dosages as necessary. This will also help the doctor to know that you are taking the medication appropriately as prescribed. Missing doses of medication or taking them at the wrong times can result in complications or their failure to work correctly.

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