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Marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples of all types-heterosexual, homosexual, married or not married-improve their relationships by helping them recognize and resolve their conflicts.A trained, professional marriage counselor can help couples rebuild their relationships by assisting the couple in a thoughtful and deliberate reconciliation process.In some cases, of course, this may also mean that the two individuals will go their own separate ways.

In most cases, both members of a couple will attend marriage counseling together, but in some cases only one member of the couple may choose to work with the therapist.The therapy is usually short term, taking place over a certain number of sessions, but in other cases the therapy may proceed for a more extended duration, depending on the needs and desires of the couple.

There are several reasons why couples may seek help from a professionally trained marriage counselor.Some couples may come to a marriage counselor to better understand each other and strengthen their relationship.Other couples, who are thinking of marrying, may come to a marriage counselor for pre-marriage counseling to get a better idea of their compatibility before marriage.Many couples seek marriage counseling to improve a relationship that is troubled by any number of specific issues, such as poor communication, sexual difficulties, child-rearing conflicts, drug and alcohol abuse, financial difficulties, excessive anger, infidelity, and divorce.While marriage counseling may also be helpful in resolving issues that lead to domestic abuse, counseling itself is not adequate in cases that escalate or may escalate to violence, in which case contacting the police or seeking a crisis shelter is recommended.

In a joint therapy session with a marriage counselor, the couple will learn skills that can help them strengthen their relationship, such as how to communicate more openly, how to solve problems together, and how to discuss differences in a rational and productive manner.The therapist will help the couple analyze the positive and negative factors that may be the sources of satisfaction and conflict in the relationship.

Making the decision to undertake marriage counseling is never easy.At Horizons Behavioral Health our trained professional counselors, can help you cope with a troubled relationship and give you the skills and support you need to make thoughtful decisions that can help you resolve conflicts and strengthen your relationship.

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