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About Us

Stress Care of New Jersey, LLC is a Community Mental Health Center licensed by the State of New Jersey, certified by Medicare and accredited by The Joint Commission.

Meet Our Staff

At Stress Care services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse-Practitioners, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, and other mental health professionals.

Our Mission

Stress Care of New Jersey, also known as “Stress Care”, seeks to promote emotional and physical well being, for both individuals and families, through the provision of culturally and linguistically-sensitive outpatient diagnostic and treatment services. Our mission is to help our clients achieve the highest degree of independence, build healthy and stress-free lives and safe communities through the delivery of effective and accessible behavioral and mental health care and related services.

We make every effort to help every client who applies for our services in a reasonable period of time. When these clients can best be served by our clinic, we collaborate with the Client/Supports in developing a plan to meet their most critical needs in the most time-effective manner we can achieve. We choose time-limited and/or group treatment, when indicated, as the modality of choice for the large majority of our clients.

Our goals include assisting clients with mental illness symptoms reduction and treatment, the recovery of meaningful social involvement, reduction in hospitalizations, increased level of daily functioning, and the provision of ongoing support toward family unity.

Stress Care of New Jersey provides a full range of mental health services for clients at all stages of life: children, adolescents, adults, and elderly. Regardless of the stage of life, our aim is always the same: to promote wellness, recovery, stress reduction, and productive lives.

We aim to become the provider of choice for individuals and families dealing with behavioral, emotional disorders, developmental disabilities and special education needs in the communities we serve. We seek to provide the highest standards of care, focusing on the fulfilling needs of our communities while operating efficiently and responsibly.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00PM
Sunday: Closed
Tel: 732-679-4500
Fax: 732-679-4549

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